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Good Skin Days Prime Time Cleansing Toner

Achieve a Better Balance with the Prime Time Cleansing Toner from Good (Skin) Days™

The wait is over. The Prime Time Cleansing Toner from Good (Skin) Days™ has finally arrived. Read on to hear what Charlotte Cho has to say about the triple duty toner enriched with natural pumpkin and papaya enzymes, maple extract and more.


It has been about a month since the first three products of the Good (Skin) Days™ collection have launched, and we’ve been enjoying seeing all of the great, detailed reviews coming in from everyone who’s been able to experience the C’s the Day Vitamin C Serum, A New Leaf Cream Cleanser and On the Bright Side Moisturizer

Thousands of you have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the Prime Time Cleansing Toner, and it’s finally here! The feedback we received early on from our focus groups was that it has the same clean, refreshing experience as your favorites (like the Son and Park Beauty Water and Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Toner, to name a few) that makes your skin feel like every inch of your face has been infused with moisture, and the after-feel is soft and smooth like you just got an intense gua sha facial. Considering that these two are our best sellers, we’re thrilled to be in good company.

But don’t take their word for it, let me share the behind the scenes scoop as to why the Prime Time Cleansing Toner will become your next favorite skin care experience. 

Prime Time Cleansing Toner: What You Need To Know

Two words: Triple duty. Most toners reset your pH after cleansing (to a happy and natural 4-5 pH), as well as prep and hydrate your skin before the rest of your routine. The Prime Time Cleansing Toner does the above and more, because it also serves the purpose of a micellar water too, by breaking down any impurities and any leftover debris on the skin, so you can easily and gently swipe it off your skin with a cotton pad. Cleansing toners are a big K-beauty category, as they have the unique multi-tasking benefits that other toners in the market don’t really provide.

You can use it as a regular hydrating toner by sprinkling a few drops into the palm of your hand and tapping it into your skin (especially those who are looking to reduce your cotton pad waste). Or, you can soak a cotton pad with this and use it to remove any impurities. And yes, that means any stubborn eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil, and BB cream are easily removed, too. I personally use it as my first step to remove some light makeup first, and then I go into my double cleanse for a truly thorough cleanse – essentially, a triple cleanse. The feeling and effects are immediate: clean, clear and hydrated skin to the touch! 

Prime Time Cleansing Toner

Keep in mind that this is not an astringent toner. Astringent toners are high in witch hazel and alcohol, and are designed to help minimize pores and remove excess oil, but oftentimes can actually dry out your skin and wreak havoc on complexions with sensitive skin barriers. Based on your feedback over the past 8 years, we know that you’re not into that and much prefer the K-beauty style & approach of cleansing toners. 

Behind the Scenes: The Formulation

I love writing to you about what goes on in the lab behind the scenes of making our Good (Skin) Days™ line, because SO many of the juicy details happen during that part of the process. Can we agree that skin care formulation is complex and nuanced for each product? With products developed by Soko Glam Labs™, know that you are in good hands, because we were able to fine tune formulations using all the feedback you’ve shared with us over the years on what makes a good toner verus what makes one a holy grail. I know there are a lot of toners to choose from, but I’m confident that you’ll be reaching for the Prime Time Cleansing Toner and it’ll be a fast favorite. 

First, we kept in mind that the pH of this toner should be low, around 4.5, to be gentle enough for all skin types and not leave your skin feeling stripped or dry. Check! Secondly, we wanted to have an abundant amount of delicious ingredients that are proven to deeply hydrate, instead of just a high concentration of water. Maple extracts are intensely hydrating, and leave the skin feeling elastic and bouncy to the touch, so we made it our hero ingredient. We included Damask rose water in a high concentration here, another powerhouse ingredient designed to be a welcome drink of moisture for your skin.

Prime Time Cleansing Toner Formula

Pumpkin and Papaya Enzymes, Oh My!

What makes this an effective skin clearing micellar water is its use of natural enzymes from papaya and pumpkin, to gently clear your skin of any impurities and ever so gently exfoliate the skin for a smoother, softer skin texture. Enzymes are the best exfoliating buddies for even the most sensitive skin types, because it breaks down large proteins on the surface of your skin and aids in making your complexion look bright and feel silky soft. We went above and beyond and discovered pumpkin enzymes have similar effects to papaya, which made us super excited to incorporate it into this formula! We couldn’t help but notice that with the inclusion of maple and pumpkin, the Prime Time Cleansing Toner has serious yummy fall vibes, and we love how this final ingredient pairing turned out.

Lastly, I did want to address a common question we’ve received from our community regarding the formulation of this toner, because this is one of the products within the Good (Skin) Days™ line that does include essential oils in the formulation, such as bergamot and rosemary. Overall, our philosophy is that essential oils are not sensitizing to the skin if it’s formulated correctly, despite much conflicting information out there. This is similar to the perception and information surrounding coconut oil; it’s often stated that coconut oil will clog pores (it won’t, when formulated correctly) or that preservatives are bad for skin care (they aren’t). So before you make your decision to try out this toner based on the essential oils in the formula, hear me out.

When it comes to skin care formulation, there are many nuances to everything, and the details truly matter. Widespread conflicting information – particularly surrounding essential oils – has led to the skewed perception of certain ingredients, despite information and testing that shares it is safe and great for the skin when formulated correctly for skin care. The way essential oils are utilized within skin care, it is not the equivalent of taking a dropper of pure essential oil and putting it on the skin. When used in conjunction with other ingredients and actives, and when used in very small amounts, essential oils are very, very unlikely to cause any sensitization to the skin barrier.

For those of you who do have reservations about essential oils in your products, know that with the Prime Time Cleansing Toner, a very small percentage was used – only a necessary amount designed to help provide a pleasant experience overall for the product. I have spoken to many dermatologists, skin experts, other estheticians and chemists about this, as it absolutely is something we did not take lightly to include. Please rest assured we have done our due diligence on this! And yes, many best selling holy grails out there – both on Soko Glam and in Western beauty – have small amounts of essential oils in them, and have led to great results with no sensitization.

It’s Prime Time

All of the Good (Skin) Days™ products are named with uplifting messages, urging you to seize the day and take life by the horns. I think our name “Prime Time Cleansing Toner” was created perfectly, because it’s not only going to make you really dedicated to your toning step, but you’ll get so many compliments on your skin – people will think you are looking your all-time prime, and your skin is on point!

Hope to see that your experience lives up to all that I’ve shared here, so try it out now, exclusively on Soko Glam! Don’t forget, a portion of our proceeds from each Good (Skin) Days™ product sold will go directly to our charity of your choice for this season: Black Lives Matter. Be sure to share any input with us directly on which charitable cause you’d like to see Good Days for All contribute to next!

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